Welcome to Chaplains Today, a place for practical resources and thoughtful reflection intended for those who serve among seniors either in care facilities or the local church.  These spiritual care providers work with residents and families to address a wide variety of needs:

  • Adjusting to living in residential care;
  • Family dynamics;
  • Spiritual distress;
  • Depression and phobias;
  • Death and end of life issues;
  • Need for forgiveness and grief/loss.

The most important trait of chaplains and pastors is their willingness to simply, "Be present". We include the phrase "the power of presence" in our "tag line" because many residents and parishioners have said to one of us, "Thanks for simply being here today." We are reminded of Jesus who came to be among us. The clarion call of the Apostle James urged, "This is true religion in the presence of our God and Father to visit orphans and widows in their distress." (James 1:26)

A good chaplain or pastor also possesses counseling skills, embraces different models for grief and loss, and motivates others just to name a few.  However, there will be issues about which the Care Provider might be unaware. Thus we are always learning!  Issues of sexuality, for instance, can be very challenging in residential care.

Such chaplains are also grounded in a biblical foundation for ministry to seniors (well over 250 biblical references mention the needs and life of seniors).

Chaplains Today seeks to provide short articles on a wide range of topics regarding important pastoral care.

Meet the Author

Daryl Busby, Ph.D.

Daryl has over thirty five years of teaching and ministry experience in the local church, seminary and various chaplain settings, including senior care homes. He has developed an effective model for adult spiritual formation and learning. After twenty years of teaching and administrative work in graduate schools, he and his wife, Shirley, moved to Kelowna, B.C., where he now serves as a chaplain at a complex level seniors’ community and she manages websites.

Daryl has a heart for those with dementia and loves to see them respond to words and music. His graduate education includes both the M.Div. as well as a Ph.D. (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) in adult learning and spiritual formation. Further learning includes certification in“Gentle Persuasion” for work among those with various dementias. He also has experience in hospice care. He has published numerous articles in refereed journals and also hosts the website www.spiritualadults.org. He speaks often in churches and other settings on the themes around spiritual formation of adults.