How Do I Write for Chaplains Today (Ch.T.)?

We welcome articles to Ch.T. from chaplains, pastors, social workers and all others who care for and have experience with seniors. All Ch.T. articles are rather short (500-750 words is average). If your article is longer, we can divide it into several shorter sections. Include a catching title, thesis statement and a brief explanation and/or support for that thesis. The subject line of your email should be a short summary of what the article addresses.

Articles for Ch.T. should be factual, research based where appropriate, theologically grounded and, above all, relevant to chaplains and senior adult ministry TODAY. We are interested in stories, book reviews, practical experiences, theological reflections and opinion pieces that are expertly written and provide a fresh perspective. We desire to see our site connected the eternal message of the gospel and its relevance to the spiritual life of senior adults. First-person articles should apply your personal experience to a broader concept of faith. Where necessary to protect identity, change the names of people.

A few things to keep in mind:

Write tight. Use as few words as necessary. Treat adjectives and adverbs like seasoning, lest they overpower the meat of the message. Familiarize yourself with our style, voice, audience, and past ChT article topics.

Be respectful. We are represent diverse denominations, thus our main website audience is made up of a wide range of readers. Because we value this diversity, we remain respectful of all faiths. Many of our readers are church leaders or serve in ministry in some way, from Sunday morning volunteers to seminary deans; therefore we value practical and positive articles.

Back-up when needed. We tend to avoid academic papers, but we do look for research or quotes to back up any claims of fact.

We will edit. Please be aware that if you do send us a finished article, there will likely be a lot of editing as we need your story to fit our style, voice, audience, and past coverage of the topic. We will show you the finished article before posting.

Be encouraged that if we can’t use your article at the moment, we might contact you in the future about a similar topic now that we know you are interested.

Duplication or double publishing. Please refrain from sending previously published articles or pitching the same idea to multiple publications without telling us. If you haven’t heard back from us and your article was picked up by someone else, please let us know! Feel free to include a deadline if your piece is time-sensitive.

Broad categories. Take notice of the broad categories (menu items) listed at the top of our home page. These will give you an idea of the general themes we seek to address.

Thank you for your interest in writing for our website!

Please contact Daryl Busby at for more information.