This eight episode learning program focuses primarily upon volunteers who minister among seniors. Each learning event includes professionally produced short videos, participant role plays, engaging discussion groups and practical assignments designed to enhance the overall confidence and compassion of Christ centered volunteers. The entire program takes about 16-18 hours and can be provided in a range of delivery options including weekly, monthly or quarterly. Each episode is about 2-2 ½ hours with appropriate breaks. Each participant receives an extensive manual of resources as well as online videos and self-assessments. The videos feature Dr. John Swinton, internationally recognized author on senior care, as well as several experienced chaplains.

The local facilitator, Daryl Busby, is an experienced chaplain in senior adult care with graduate degrees in both theology and adult Christian formation. He welcomes the opportunity to co-facilitate these learning events with others who share the passion and have a unique experience or education to augment the learning events. For further information and costs, he can be contacted at

These learning goals are carefully designed to address vital issues in spiritual care of senior adults.

Learning Goals:


Episode One: Understanding the Ageing Journey

Explain successful ageing

Discern how society often views ageing

Describe what happens to our bodies and mind and spiritual being

Explore the role of spirituality in ageing


Episode Two: Spirituality in Ageing

Appreciate what the Bible says about seniors

Explain what spirituality means

Begin to accept our own ageing process

Describe the spiritual tasks associated with ageing

Discover the vital role of faith in ageing


Episode Three: Good communication

Compare the various kinds of communication

Identify good conversational themes for volunteers

Practice effective listening and talking skills of volunteers

Affirm the value of listening For Spiritual Stories


Episode Four: the Power of Story Telling

Embrace the power of Story Telling

Identify the challenges of Story Telling

Affirm the power of spiritual remembering

Practice telling and listening to a story using a specific method



Episode Five: Living in the Midst of Dementia

Understand the broad meaning of dementia

Discover how culture views Dementia

Explore the role of spiritual care within dementia


Episode Six: A New Home and a New Way of Life

List reasons why some seniors need Care Homes

Feel the enormity of this dramatic change

Appreciate the daily potential/limits of Care Homes and the volunteer’s role

Affirm the vital role of spiritual care in such Transitions


Episode Seven: Loss, Grief and Death

Explain types of losses and develop appropriate responses

Develop confidence in walking with others through their Loss

Discern what is helpful in talking about loss and death

Affirm the vital role of personal faith in loss and death


Episode Eight: Roles, Boundaries and Self- Care of the Volunteer

Explain the concept of roles and boundaries

Describe a few legal and ethical issues in volunteering

Discern the limits and emotional boundaries of the volunteer